Tegen eyes new position as successor to Dr. Dix


   After 32 years of providing eye care in Madras, Dr. Curtis Dix is announcing his retirement and the sale of his practice Madras Vision Source to Dr. Jessica Tegen of Redmond.
   "I will be retiring at the end of December, but will remain available for patient care on Tuesdays and on a fill-in basis," Dix said. Dr. Tegen will begin seeing patients on Jan. 3.
   In 1979, Dix purchased the practice from Dr. Randy Howe. "I started the same year as Dr. Tegen was born," he joked.
   "When I purchased the practice, Randy Howe told me, `It's like putting your child up for adoption. You have to find the right person.' And that's really how it feels," Dix said of passing the torch.
   He said the decision didn't happen overnight. "There have been several opportunities for people to take my place, but I didn't feel they were right for the community, or my practice," he said.
   "I wanted to ensure that the services we provide would continue to improve and expand. We always prided ourselves in providing the best level of care possible, and Dr. Tegen's thoughts are along the same lines," Dix said.
   Dix said he has always wanted to do volunteer work in the community, but never had the time, and he will look forward to getting involved once he retires.
   "And I'll feel totally comfortable about not being at the office, because of Dr. Tegen's level of experience," he added.
   Dr. Tegen's background
   Tegen grew up in Redmond, graduated from Redmond High School in 1998, and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Science from Oregon State University. Her Doctor of Optometry Degree was received in 2007 from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
   Eager to return to the Pacific Northwest, she joined the Redmond practice of her father, Allan Hudson, and his partner, Gretchen Chadwick, where she has been for the past four years.
   Tegen said she was friends with Dr. Dix and knew he was looking to retire. "I looked into the opportunity and decided it would be a good career change for me," she said of acquiring his practice.
   She recently married Kyle Tegen and they have a home in Redmond. Since Kyle works in Bend, she will continue to commute for a while. "We would love to move to Madras eventually," she said.
   Dr. Tegen is proficient in medical eye care, including eye emergencies, foreign body removal, eye infections, eye allergies, dry eyes, cataract surgery co-management, the diagnosis and management of diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. She also provides infant and pediatric exams.
   "My big thing will be to increase the scope of medical eye care, and expand pediatric and infant eye care in this office," she said.
   "I am an `InfantSEE' doctor (visit infantsee.org) and we recommend children have their first eye exam at 6 months of age," she noted.
   Madras Vision Source, at 211 S.E. Fifth St., Madras, will continue to offer glasses, contacts, family eye care, and an optical center with frame selections. For appointments, call 541-475-2020.
   During her leisure time, Tegen and her husband love being in the outdoors, skiing, hiking, fishing, and spoiling their two dogs.
   "My husband is a paraglider. In fact, one of our first dates was to go paragliding," she said.
   To his patients, Dr. Dix said, "Madras Vision Source will continue to provide the care that citizens have come to expect from us and we will expand on that."
   Tegen said she likes the small town feel of Madras. "It's like Redmond was when I was growing up there," she said.
   "I'm definitely looking forward to getting involved in the Madras community," she added.