>   With the arrival of hot, dry weather, Jefferson County Fire District No. 1 has imposed their Summer Burning Restrictions.
   The fire district will not allow any open residential or commercial burning of yard debris, grass, or other waste.
   The burning of papers and cardboard are permitted between the hours of dawn until 10 a.m. only, in an approved burn barrel.
   By following some simple tips on burn barrel safety and construction, you can help ensure that you are fire safe.
   . Use only approved burn barrels.
   . Locate the barrel a minimum of 20 feet from a structure.
   . Maintain a 10-foot minimum cleared area around the barrel.
   . Use a heavy mesh screen on top to reduce flying embers.
   . Never leave your fire unattended.
   . Have a garden hose available at all times.
   "Remember that burning is a privilege and extreme caution shall be exercised by the homeowner when burning," said Tom Jaca, assistant fire chief and fire marshal.
   If you have any questions regarding the summer restrictions on burning, call the fire station at 541-475-7274 during regular business hours.
   "Let's all do our part in keeping our communities fire safe through the summer months," said Jaca.
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