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   To the Editor,
   I would like to add to Wayne Pearson's reply to "why so little development in Madras?" (May 16 Pioneer.)
   I learned long ago when in politics, avoid the actual question, beat around the bush, lead into a different subject altogether, avoiding the original question. I would like to answer that question honestly!
   In "the day," the city of Madras was wanting to create a "high end" business park. They put high restrictions on site and design, and what type of business they would let in. Unfortunately, "the day" is long gone! There are some land owners that are willing to sacrifice taking significant reduction in price from what was paid at the time of purchase, however, the city of Madras is not willing to sacrifice the reduction of requirements on site and design.
   The two businesses that would like to locate in Madras, but are unable to find the property that meets their needs, is because the requirements that the city have put on the land are too stringent.
   Facebook, Apple, Schwab, or any other business in Prineville would not build in Madras if they had the power and was given the land for free because none of them would meet the site and design requirements set by the city.
   Until those requirements are lessened you're stuck with looking at an empty building, sagebrush and weeds.
   Jim Marshall