>   In order to protect public safety the Forest Service will remove a bridge from a trail in the Deschutes National Forest.
   Beginning in early June, the Forest Service will remove a bridge from the head of Jack Creek Trail. The stringers and decking on the bridge are failing and forest engineers, after assessing the bridge, have determined it is unsafe for public use.
   Currently, funding is not available to replace the bridge, but the majority of the existing trail will remain open.
   Visitors are asked to use the existing trail and not to create new trails into the area made inaccessible by the bridge removal.
   The site will be monitored and any negative impacts such as user created trails will be addressed.
   "We want to meet the public's desire to visit the area and will work with the public to continue to provide a great recreational experience; however, we need to address this issue of public safety," said Kristie Miller, Sisters' District ranger.
   Direct questions or concerns to the Sisters Ranger District at 541-549-7700.
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