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Is it corn dogs and a ride on the Ferris wheel? Maybe it's a good seat at the show barn on Saturday of the livestock auction. It might be the sound of a band playing on the outdoor stage as you walk through the exhibits with a dripping ice cream cone.
   We all have memories of fair time, whether it's a smell, a sound or a sight, that triggers it. For majority of us, these are really good memories. Fun memories of friends, family, hot summer afternoons, laughs or visiting with people we haven't seen since last year's fair.
   Every year, we hear the same `ol rumors, and this year certainly is no exception. With our new "free fair" we knew we would hear all kinds of things; with change comes lots or rumors. But this year, people are even saying there will be no fair! Really? I just have one thing to say about that ... as long as there are those of us around who truly believe in our fair and our fairgrounds, there will always be a Jefferson County Fair.
   Most of our community truly understands the importance of our fair. We know it's not only the great memories, or even that it's a huge part of our local history. We know that it is also a very big part of our future. It's our 4-H and FFA kids and school kids. It's the local talent contestants, our horse clubs, locals competing to win another team branding, the dare-devils getting on a wild horse or a racing donkey, and the big smiles of the drivers of the old cars in the parade.
   Besides all the fun, we also know how good it is for our area. We're home, we're spending our entertainment dollars here, whether they're spent at the fair, the gas station to get there, or a new pair of jeans to wear.
   It's knowing that in these crazy times, we have a common memory, a common time of year to come together and enjoy something that has, does and will continue to belong to us ... to our community.
   So we hope you make plans to join us for the Jefferson County Fair, July 25 through 28. Look for full fair and parade schedules in the fair/premium book, posters and articles that will be out soon.
   P.S .... And just a little note for the folks that have inundated us with questions about what is going on now that we have a new groundskeeping routine. Starting approximately April 2, County Buildings and Grounds Department has installed or rebuilt animal chutes and pens in the Corwin Arena, and rebuilt the showers in the outside restrooms. The restroom project is 97 percent complete and will be finished by the Good Sams arrival.
   They have cleaned and organized equipment sheds, initiated servicing of grounds equipment, cleaned and sifted approximately120 cubic yards of dirt and manure, applied fertilizer and weed chemical, repaired multiple water leaks, both domestic and irrigation, and installed concrete posts around irrigation risers on the north side of the Fairgrounds, lawn mowing and irrigation.
   They have one tech that can competently water and work the arenas, everyone else is training as time allows. Weed eating and restroom cleaning should be caught up by June 4.
   The new Tech I employee assigned to the fairgrounds started May 10 and is currently training on the equipment and getting acquainted with the grounds and his job duties. The Buildings and Grounds Department is still learning the operation of the fairgrounds and anticipate they will have to go through a one-year cycle to become efficient and effective.
    The transition has had a few bumps and there will be more, but we are confident if we all work together and have some patience, the operation will be better than ever.
   Andee Simmons is a member of the Jefferson County Fair Board.
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