Madras Saturday Market welcomes new managers

Open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays
Take a stroll through the Madras Saturday Market, and it's hard not to find an enjoyable conversation.
   Entering its ninth year of operation, the Madras Saturday Market is under new management this year - Michelle Turner and Dianne Read.
   "With these two women, we now have two bodies out there to help promote and educate people as to what is happening at the market," said nine-year board member Ann Snyder. "We've come across people that have lived here all their lives and don't realize there is a Saturday market here, so we think these two women can help change that."
   In recent years, the Madras Saturday Market has averaged 25-30 vendors per Saturday.
   "Our challenges will be to keep these vendors coming and promoting the market," Read said. "We're nonprofit, so we have some challenges in trying to promote foot traffic."
   One of the goals of the market is to incorporate more vendors with Native American and Hispanic products.
   "We've had challenges in the past of integrating the Native American and Hispanic communities to the market," Snyder said. "We want to try and establish regular vendors from those ethnic groups to give our market more culture."
   The market features food, fresh produce and arts and crafts vendors with products that are at least 60 percent home made or home grown, in addition to live music.
   "We want to make sure that we have live music every Saturday," Turner said. "We're trying to incorporate events such as astronomy day, pet day and more."
   The managers are responsible for ensuring foot traffic and will work closely with each vendor to meet their needs.
   "We're working really hard the first couple weeks to establish relationships with the vendors and help them succeed," Turner said.
   The theme of this year's market is "Cultivating a Healthier Community."
   "We are trying to promote nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Read said. "We also accept WIC, Oregon Trail and SNAP for low-income families."