To the Editor,

   I think it needs to be addressed. If smoking is to be an important issue for toxins people are exposed to, why shouldn't burning trash contents not known be allowed to fill our yards, our homes, our lungs? Everything wreaks of nasty be allowed?
   I am so irritated that I cannot enjoy my yard for several hours and when the weather gets real hot, I will not be able to use my swamp cooler for the nasty will fill every inch inside my home. Windows have to close. I feel it is rude, unneighborly and also a danger for all affected, not just my family.
   Is affording trash pickup an issue? Then haul a few bags to the dump; it only costs $6 for 120 pounds, or is it just laziness?
   For all of Madras citizens that agree, shouldn't we do something about this nasty, unneighborly act?
   Cindy Gagnon
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