Schulzes bowled over by 50th anniversary


by: Submitted Photo  - Russ and Marsha Schulz today.

   Madras residents Russ and Marsha Schulz will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a bowling party from 2-5 p.m., July 22, at Madras Bowl.
   All friends and relatives are invited, and an RSVP is requested at 541-777-0448. It is asked there be no gifts.
   The two met in Portland, where Marsha was going to college and Russ was attending barber school.
   She was staying at the Campbell Court Hotel, an "overflow dorm" for all the colleges in Portland. Russ Schulz, who was from Waldport, got a job helping cook for the 185 people there, in exchange for room and board.
   "She had spent all her money for spring break, and asked if I'd save her a plate of food. I said, `Yes, but you have to eat it with me,' and that's how we met," he laughed.
   Three months later, they were married on July 22, 1962, in Redmond, her hometown.
   That same year, they moved to Madras, where a barber's job was available, but didn't have a very good first impression.
   "The first week in Madras, it was really hot. I worked across the street from a tavern, and there had been a wind storm that filled the street with mud and standing rain," Schulz recalled.
   "Then a cowboy, all dirty from the storm, came down the street on a horse and rode right into the tavern for a drink and I thought to myself, `If I can just make it to payday -- I'm gone!'" he said.
   They tried living in Salem for a while, but Marsha Schulz developed allergies, so they returned to Madras.
   "We intended to stay just for a little while -- but 50 years later were still here," she said with a smile.
   The Schulzes raised their four children here. Melanie and Brett now live in Portland, Chad in Redmond, and Eric in Claremont, Fla. They have nine grandchildren ranging in age from 1 to 23 years.
   Marsha Schulz babysat, then worked with special education classes for the 509-J School District for 29 years, and retired this year.
   Russ Schulz worked five years as a barber, then was hired at Erickson's grocery store, working his way up to assistant manager, and retiring in 2002. While working at the store, he also operated a photography business, Treehouse Portraits, which he continues to run.
   Of getting married three months after meeting and having it last 50 years, Marsha Schulz commented, "It worked out. But you've really got to like each other."
   "When there's affection, you can work problems out," she noted.