letters - Nov. 3, 2011


Vote yes on 3-377 for our police officers

To the Editor:

I voted for the West Linn police station measure, Measure 3-377.

There are many reasons why I did so.

Citizens of West Linn deserve to have first responders available in the event of a major disaster. A new building with an up-to-date seismic design will help ensure their presence in the event of a major disaster.

The citizens deserve a professionally functioning building for the business of the public safety of the city. The new building will include accessible space and proper facilities for processing and storing data.

The police employees deserve to have a safe working environment. Our employees can feel assured that their safety and work conditions are also a concern of ours and that we have done as much as we can to meet those conditions.

The issue of building this facility has been responsibly and professionally studied and planned for some time. A good decision has been reached using the best information available. Moving forward on this project is good for the citizens of this city.

Please vote for Measure 3-377.

Kenneth Chappuis

West Linn

Calculate how much a new police station would cost

To the Editor:

My property tax statement arrived late last week. I, like everyone else in West Linn, (am) probably seeing a very modest reduction in their overall tax liability.

Given that, I sat down at my desk with (a) calculator in hand to see how Measure 3-377 would impact tax totals for (the) coming year. In comparing my tax savings on the current statement against my cost (tax) for Measure 3-377, I came up with a net increase in my property taxes for next year including a new police station of $8.84, or about 74 cents a month. I think I can afford that. You should (calculate this) like I did and surprise yourself too.

Grant Oakes

West Linn

Measure 3-388 is worth supporting to keep local control

To the Editor:

Please support Measure 3-388. This measure increases local control of urban renewal decisions and will help get our community back to work.

Measure 3-388 will enable unincorporated Clackamas County to build the roads, intersections and sidewalks it needs to attract and retain businesses without raising taxes.

Measure 3-388 has strong backing from our local business community, including the Clackamas County Business Alliance, the Westside Economic Alliance, the Portland Business Alliance, Oregon Iron Works, Marks Metal Technologies, Miles Fiberglass, Pioneer Pump and the Oregon Building Trades Council.

Measure 3-388 has received editorial board endorsements from the Lake Oswego Review, The Oregonian and the West Linn Tidings, and many other local papers.

It has earned all this support because Measure 3-388 rightly allows people who live within the boundaries of a proposed urban renewal district - those who will be paying for the projects to be constructed - to vote on creating of a district. The other measure decreases local control and would cost more.

Please join me in voting yes for Measure 3-388 and no on Measure 3-386.

Chuck O'Leary


Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce

Vote yes on 3-388; vote no on 3-386 to protect urban renewal

To the Editor:

If you care about local control, saving money and helping communities outside of Lake Oswego, I strongly urge you as a member of our community to vote yes on Measure 3-388 and no on Measure 3-386.

Measure 3-388 does two important things. It increases local control of urban renewal decisions. And it protects urban renewal as a tool to help communities in Clackamas County create jobs and build the roads, intersections and sidewalks they need.

The other measure was put on the ballot by paid signature gatherers with funding from out-of-state interests. It would hurt our ability to create jobs, and it would cost a fortune by requiring countywide elections over whether one neighborhood may spend its own money to improve failing roads and intersections. That doesn't make sense. Please vote yes on Measure 3-388 and no on Measure 3-386.

Rosie Stephens

Lake Oswego

Ask your doctor about prostate cancer testing

To the Editor:

I would like to thank Dr. Stephen Lieberman for his Citizen's View last week regarding the continued importance of PSA (prostate specific antigen) testing for men.

Two years ago, I went to my family doctor for a routine check-up. In the course of this exam, I was given the PSA test. Subsequently, I was referred to a urologist for further tests, and prostate cancer was diagnosed.

Shortly thereafter, I had surgery and, with follow up-checks, I continue to be prostate cancer-free.

When I originally went to my family doctor, I had no known family history of this disease. Our sons now know otherwise.

My wife and I agree with Dr. Lieberman that each man should discuss the need for the PSA test with his own doctor on an individual basis.

John Gaunt

West Linn

Vote yes for 3-388 and no on 3-386 for our prosperity

To the Editor:

Again, we have out-(of)-state people trying to put their two cents in where it is not wanted.

Americans for prosperity, where is the prosperity when you throw a monkey wrench into a system that was voted into law by local people and was working? Now it will be almost impossible to get anything done and, along with that, any jobs that are so badly needed will not be avaliable.

So therefore my vote was no for 3-386 and yes for 3-388.

Robert Glassburn

West Linn

Would you pay for your neighbor's kitchen remodel?

To the Editor:

Urban Renewal Districts (URD) can be abused to thwart the rights of citizens.

Citizens of Milwaukie have twice voted against having lightrail come through their neighborhoods.  County Commissioners  can create a URD forcing the people of Milwaukie and all of Clackamas County to pay the $25,000,000 project cost.

Measure 3-386 requires commissioners to put projects like lightrail to a vote of all county taxpayers.  Urban Renewal Districts create countywide debt and should require a countywide vote.

County commissioners put a competing measure on the ballot in an admitted attempt to confuse the voters.  Their measure restricts voting to residents within the URD area being established, calling it local control.

Maybe good for a few property owners, but terrible for the rest of the county. 

Their plan makes as much sense as your neighbor taking a family vote to remodel their kitchen, but you and the rest of your neighborhood have to pay for it.

The way 3-388 is worded, if both measures pass, theirs will take precedence over the measure put on the ballot by petition of the people.

Therefore, it's equally important to vote no on Measure 3-388.

 Traci Hensley


I'm dissapointed with bank protest coverage

To the Editor:

Your article regarding (Pacific) West Bank and Steve Gray is so irresponsible.

I'll not only cancel my subscription; I'll never purchase any item from anybody who advertises in your paper.

Do some research before you slander people or a business. I'm very dissappointed.

Jeff Longtain

West Linn

(Editor's note: Longtain's letter is referring to a story that ran on the Tidings' website on Oct. 26 featuring inaccurate information given from a press release. The release was taken down from the site shortly after it was posted).

Our police need a new facility

To the editor:

West Linn should have an adequate, conveniently located facility for our police department.

Clearly the committee thoughtfully selected the site and design. Please join us in voting yes on Measure 3-377.

Kathy Sandell

West Linn