To the Editor,
   I would like to thank all of the folks who continue to contribute to the transition of our Crooked River National Grassland. As we progress in the name change to "Trashlands," there are some special acknowledgements that should be made.
   To those who have tired of seeing the different shades of green with the juniper, sage and of course grasses, thanks for your ample contribution of multicolored cans, red Solo cups, tires, and the rainbow of trash that so enhances the landscape. We are all blessed to have such considerate citizens that are so willing to share. Your savant-like senses have provided you the foresight to know there are no consequences for your actions.
   Those who continue to provide our wildlife with so many things like McDonald's fry sauce, ketchup packets, and plastic containers show a great commitment to civilizing such a useless ecology.
   To those who are eager to be pathfinders, thank you. Building roads and trails wherever you see fit in our Trashlands has contributed immeasurably to this transition. The MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Map) has proven to be as worthless as those who propose to enforce its limitations. The money and time spent on developing these maps has done nothing to prevent your activities. So go on and keep creating new trails that will eventually be so damaging that it's irreparable.
   The many new avenues for our trash contributors will only enhance the transition. To the many law enforcement agencies who continue to ignore the activities, thanks so much for avoiding the Trashlands. We know you are all overtaxed with failing budgets and reduced personnel. You are truly blessed with a plethora of excuses. That you know this occurs and don't feel that a commitment of any assets would be useful is commendable. It's also incredibly professional of you to acknowledge the problem and offer empty promises to deal with concerns. Bully to you and all that you avoid.
   Lastly, I would like to give special thanks to those who witness or have knowledge of any of these activities and ignore it. You are indicative of the direction we as a nation are headed. Look out for yourself, avoid confrontation, and choose to ignore. It would surely be too uncomfortable for you to deal with.
   These cell phones that we all have are far better suited for texting party locations that don't require any policing of the trash they create. You are typical of our society and set a great example for our youth.
   Nick Tarvin