To the Editor,

   I would like to thank Tony Ahern on a tremendous story of the Jefferson County baseball and Coach Dick Souers and Coach Atwai Ed Spino. Good memories and I see you can recollect a lot of the history of back then.
   But, I'm wondering if Coach Souers recollects a game that was played in Warm Springs. I actually don't remember the year or exact date. But it was a game between the Minor League Braves vs. Major League Papooses at Papoose Field. The only teammates I remember were my cousin Atwai Luther Danzuka, Atwai Herbie Ross, and I believe Tommy Fuentes. Team members I remember for the Papooses were Willy Fuentes, Bobby Smith, one of the Nicodemus brothers. Those were the only members that I remember.
   I do remember that we dedicated that season to a teammate that had passed away that year, Atwai James Johnson. Our coach was Duane "Bobo" Miller. I remember the game because I was the pitcher for the Braves; I remember winning the game but don't remember the score. So, all the memories and recollections that Coach Souers has, I hope that he does remember that game, because I do. A Minor League team beating a Major League team? It could've been their overconfidence, I don't know.
   I always will have that memory of the Braves winning that game; some of the Papooses should remember that game, or maybe they don't want to.
   The next year I was moved up to play for the Papooses and had a good time and will always remember playing for Coach Souers. So, that is a part of history that Coach Souers will remember, also.
   To all the Braves team members, I hope you remember that game also. We did it!!
   I coached the Braves for a few years, and had a couple of grandsons play for the Braves, so we have Braves blue blood running through our veins. Yeah! Thank you Coach Souers, and to Dot - you've done a lot for Jefferson County baseball and I will always hold you in high regard. "Braves."
   Samuel J. Kentura
aka Johnnie Howtopat Jr
Warm Springs
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