>For quick response to electrical shock

   In recognition of actions that saved the life of a young man who was nearly electrocuted, the Jefferson County Fire District was presented with an award in June.
   Enerspect Medical Solutions and Philips Electronics, which deal in emergency medical response products, presented the Life Saving Award to volunteer firefighters from the Culver station whose quick response saved 18-year-old Kyle Reed, of Redmond.
   Reed was with friends hunting prairie dogs in the Culver area on May 20, when he made the mistake of raising an irrigation pipe in the air in order to get a rodent out of the pipe. The pipe, located in a farmer's field, contacted an overhead power line, resulting in a severe electrical shock and sudden cardiac arrest for Reed.
   Volunteer firefighters from the Culver station were quick to apply the Automatic External Defibrillator and deliver a lifesaving shock.
   Reed was transported by LifeFlight to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend, and later transferred to Legacy Emanual Medical Center in Portland. Reed, who is recovering from the incident, was able to graduate from high school with the rest of his classmates.
   A representative of Philips Electronics presented the award to department members during a medical drill on June 12.
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