Specializes in on time delivery of ag. products

by: Photo By Joe McHaney - Rod Clift of Madras recently opened Livestock -N- Transportation Services in Madras, a licensed and insured transportation service targeting agricultural related products.

Rod Clift knows how to do things by the book.
   The Madras resident, who spent nine years in law enforcement as a deputy for the Deschutes County Sheriff's office and 16 years as a firefighter and medic, recently opened his own business - Livestock -N- Transportation -- and prides himself on doing things the correct way.
   "I saw a need for someone who is licensed, insured and legit to transport livestock in our tri-county area," Clift said. "There is always a guy that can do it, but nobody else is licensed and insured in the area. For me, it's very important to be compliant with DMV, ODOT and the Department of Agriculture, and to be insured in case something happens. There were some big hurdles that I did not foresee to get my business up and running to be compliant and insured, but I was able to get everything accomplished."
   Clift received an on the job knee injury that eventually led to his medical retirement. So in April, Clift elected to open his new company Livestock-N-Transportation Services in Madras.
   "Primarily, I transport livestock and agricultural related products," said Clift, who has lived in Madras since 2003. "I spent about three years of research as to who has transported in the past, who is doing it now and as to what type of equipment I would need in order to meet the needs of our area farmers."
   Clift has a wide range of top-notched trailers and trucks to transport livestock, equipment and hay from farm to farm or feed lots to auction yards.
   "I'm getting a lot of people from the Valley who are wanting me to transport equipment," said Clift, who has spent many years hauling hay, horses and cattle on the side. "On average there are 15, 16 to 19 requests that go through the auction yard or on the Internet each month, and people are starting to realize that my prices are not all that bad and cost effective to use my services."
   While most of Clift's business is transporting products in Oregon, he has transported products to Wyoming, Idaho and Washington. Each bid he gives is unique to each customer and mostly based on mileage and time spent on location.
   "I enjoy the job of hauling livestock," Clift said. "Because I had to retire early due to medical reasons, I wanted to do something for myself in a field that I really enjoy."
   For more information about Clift's business, call 541-306-0902
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