Ethos program expanded

School District 509-J will expand its Ethos music program, by hiring a total of four instructors next year.
   "The Ethos program worked very well last year, and this will give us one in each elementary school," said Superintendent Rick Molitor at the July 23, board of directors meeting.
   This year, 509-J had three Ethos music instructors, who served several elementaries and taught after school music lessons.
   Molitor said it will cost $7,550 per Ethos member, for a total of $30,200 for the year.
   "This was money well-spent," said board member Brad Holliday, commenting on the amount and value of services received, as the contract was approved.
   Students will again be invited to apply to attend the National Indian Education Association Conference in Oklahoma City, Okla., in October. Molitor, board Chairwoman Laurie Danzuka, and select students will attend, and 509-J may be doing a presentation about the Warm Springs school project.
   The board voted to approve a response, written by attorney Tim Gassner, to a protest filed concerning the request for proposal process for the selection of a project manager on the Madras construction projects.
   The date of the next board meeting was changed to 7 a.m., Aug. 13, when a sample school breakfast will be served by food services supervisor Patty Jobe.