Crooked River Ranch Roundup

Board tackles permits, Dial-A-Ride

by: Photo by John Bowler - Rich Austin keeps the Seniors van in good shape.

By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   Surprisingly, the July 23 monthly Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association board meeting was attended by the full board minus Director Gail Day, who resigned last month.
   Typically, July and August meetings have one or more board members away from the Ranch due to summer travel. The current board evidently seems to be less prone to travel and miss meetings.
   As recently mentioned, Ranch homeowners association boards are reluctant at this time of year to pass motions with long-range import. That's especially true of motions reflecting highly controversial issues.
   Ranch HOA boards take the neighborly approach that, with a new election scheduled around Labor Day each year, they don't want to saddle a new board by passing motions that a new board might not favor and might wish to overturn.
   That factor was evident at the July 23 HOA board meeting which tackled the following issues:
   . Decided to seek a remedy with the Jefferson County Commission to Ranchers circumventing the Ranch Architectural Committee in obtaining county approval of construction permits and long-term living in RVs on Ranch homesites. Commissioners have invited board members to their meeting Aug. 1 to review the issue of residents residing in RVs long term on community building lots, which is in violation of county code.
   . Clarified and posted on their website the Ranch policy for humane execution of wildlife found suffering -- and beyond saving -- on Ranch property. The new form is posted on Click on "Publications," then "Forms," and finally, the first "New Form" heading.
   . Approved a motion to expand office space in the clubhouse.
   . Noted that refurbishing of tennis courts is close to completion.
   . Architectural Committee presented appeals process to board for approval.
   . Security at Steelhead Falls and Panorama Park is being reviewed by the board with the county and BLM.
   . Disc golf proposal will be discussed at the Aug. 6 work session.
   Seniors' van needs funds
   Nine years ago, the Ranch Seniors organization purchased a small van that seats eight passengers and has a lift to accommodate two wheelchairs.
   Its dual purposes are: to assist members and others who do not have their own transportation to make trips off the Ranch for essential shopping and other necessary services such as medical treatment or therapy; and to transport Seniors' groups on entertaining junkets to off-Ranch destinations.
   The Seniors set up a dispatch number Ranchers can call to make an appointment for a ride on the van. The van, which has five regular weekly users, has been receiving modest state funding to pay for gasoline and other van operating expenses.
   Volunteer drivers operate the van and the Seniors have been supplementing van funding with various moneymaking events such as their annual yard sale.
   Senior Rich Austin keeps the van clean and in working order at his home. Volunteer drivers Don Adamson, Irv Ladd, Herb Coth and Owen Brownson take turns driving it. Austin is an emergency back-up driver, too.
   Several recent developments have put further retention of the van and its services in jeopardy: funding from the state has been cut about in half; Seniors membership is aging, thereby reducing the number of them available to run moneymaking events and membership is not being replenished with younger members; the van is also reaching an age where it needs more maintenance and replacement parts, thus increasing its cost.
   The state appointed the Department of Transportation to provide rides to senior citizens who are no longer capable of driving themselves or can't afford to own a car.
   Joni Bramlett, who runs that program, said that ODOT is working on a solution now that the Ranch Seniors have asked for assistance due to under utilization of the van and the resulting drop in state funding.
   Seniors President Earleen Arthur wrote, "We may be able to keep the Dial-A-Ride van longer if we receive donations. Donations should note that the money is for the van. This may enable us to keep the van until a better alternative can be worked out. The Senior Center has a 501 tax status and all donations are tax deductible."
   Arthur can be reached through a message phone at 541-504-8236, or by mail at P.O. Box 1514, Terrebonne, OR 97760.