>   To the Editor,
   Rude drivers! Per an article awhile back in the Bend Bulletin, I have come to the conclusion that they were correct in stating that drivers in Madras are the rudest in the state! Being disabled with MS, I frequently travel around town on a power wheel chair. On numerous occasions I have nearly been hit when people run stop signs.
   Crossing B Street at the new crosswalk on 10th Street is about the worst. Nearly every day, I push the walk button and drivers still keep going, flashing lights and all! It is like they just want to get through before I enter the intersection. Perhaps some are just plain ignorant to the fact that, by law, they are required to stop until pedestrians have completely crossed to the other sidewalk.
   Some just look over and wave and keep on going! Fourth and Fifth streets are sometimes very challenging as well, unless you are crossing at C or B Street. Often, one lane of traffic will stop and the other, completely oblivious to what is going just, just keeps on going.
   A few more traffic signals on the south end would make everyone's life a lot safer. But I guess bike paths on the hillside is far more important than the safety of our citizens.
   Why don't we all do our part to make life a little safer for pedestrians. The minute or two that it takes to be courtious cannot possibly inconvenience anyone that mush! I, for one, am not yet ready to meet my maker.
   Slow it down and pay attention.
   Dale E. Heckathorn
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