by: Submitted Photo - Karen Potampa

   Madras Medical Group has announced that Karen Potampa, family nurse practitioner, has joined their practice.
   Potampa will be relocating her practice from Mountain View Medical and Surgical Associates to Madras Medical Group effective Tuesday, Sept. 4.
   The transfer of Potampa's practice to MMG is a natural extension of a relationship that has existed for many years.
   The providers of MMG have been collaborating with Potampa since 1991 by providing inpatient care, complicated pregnancy support, and assisting in care during her absence.
   "Our relationship with Karen goes back many years as we have worked together to serve her patients," said Doug Lieuallen, M.D., president of Madras Medical Group.
   "Our mission is to serve every member of the family by providing care that is centered on quality and compassion. I believe that Karen has exhibited these characteristics throughout her career and we look forward to adding her expertise to the team," he said.
   The partnership will offer onsite physician availability for consultations and assistance with patient needs. This will enable Potampa to serve her patients with a wider scope of practice.
   Additionally, MMG providers will have onsite complete medical records for Potampa's patients. This access will streamline patient care in the event that Potampa is absent or if her patients require hospitalization.
   The change allows Potampa to maintain the level of commitment she has to this community and continue the partnership that has provided patient care to the Jefferson County community for more than 20 years.
   "Commitment to each individual patient's health care need remains my practice priority," said Potampa. "I believe that affiliating with Madras Medical Group allows me to serve my patients without changing my practice style or accessibility."
   "In addition, it adds to continuity in patient care, as I will be working daily with, and in the same office as, those physicians who have historically provided me consultation and practice support," she said.
   Potampa's patients will be able to schedule appointments at her new practice with MMG. Patients will be asked to complete new patient documentation as well as a release of records form in order for their information to be transferred to her new practice.
   For more information regarding Potampa's relocation, or to schedule appointments, contact Madras Medical Group at 541-475-3874.
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