MAC's value

To the Editor,
   My children learned to swim at the pool in Redmond before we had the MAC. When we traveled to Redmond three days a week for lessons and then later, swim team, I shopped in Redmond as I am sure many Jefferson County parents did. Our money went to the Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District and our grocery money was spent in Deschutes County. Think of the money the people of Jefferson County have poured into Deschutes County over the years simply because more is offered there.
   Why not keep that money here and make our county a better place? The MAC is beautiful. Prices are very reasonable in comparison with other facilities. The MAC is an asset to this community and one of the nice surprises that visitors to our town comment on.
   MAC supporters believe that swimming is a great way to excercise and stay healthy. With the MAC that is possible year-round. We also believe that a swimming pool in our community is a safe place to learn to swim before heading to the beautiful lakes nearby.
   Anita Goodwin