>   To the Editor.
   I really frown on writing negative letters to the paper ... so, I am sorry for this one and I would not send it unless I did not feel it is very necessary.
   My office sits right in the front of our hospital thrift store and every morning, rain, shine or snow, I see several of the same faces opening up the back door and just overwhelmed by the amount of trash that has been dumped there in the evening.
   It is my understanding that all of these mostly women are volunteers and should not be having to lift all of these heavy things that people drop after hours. Yet, every morning they come back and do it all over again.
   Please, quit illegally dumping behind the thrift store. Every time you do this, an elderly women must pick up the bags, boxes and all your other unwanted belongings, mostly trash. I am not discouraging the donations, but please bring them during business hours. At least take the time to ask what types of things they accept and help them bring it inside.
   Holly Booren
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