Love the MAC


   To the Editor,
   I have only lived in Madras for three years and have grown to love the weather and the town. I was surprised to see the (negative) letter regarding the pool and the aquatic center. Such a beautiful facility for kids and families.
   I have watched it grow. Just go to one of the kids' soccer games. I think the whole town is there. Or T-ball, or adult softball and the water polo and swim teams and the lessons and many happy swimmers that have little else to do in this town.
   We have had swimmers go to state and water polo teams, too. I know the coach gives up his personal time to take these swimmers all over the state and gets no extra pay. He just loves his job. When he first came to Madras to run the facility, we had no teams of any kind; he generated all of it.
   Your children need to keep busy and this is one of the only ways in this town. This is a beautiful facility and the Pioneer needs to take more pictures of the pool and put them on the front page of our newspaper, like the Bulletin did. Mikki Stitch