To the Editor,

   On Aug. 28, having delivered my grandson back to Prineville, after visiting us in Lake Oswego, I was driving back to Madras via Highway 26. This stretch of road goes through Crooked River Grassland. The grass on both sides of the highway is tinder dry, as far as the eye can see.
   Halfway between Prineville and Madras, a highway repaving project caused traffic to stop for about five minutes. Directly in front of me was a Jeep, (license plate ommitted by editor). The Jeep had a black top and a grey lower portion. The spare tire on the back read Jim Smolich Motors, Bend, OR. I observed the driver (who obviously had just lit up a cigarette) reach out the driver's window to flick ashes off the cigarette. I thought to myself, "Well, we're not moving, they'll have time to finish the cigarette and put it out in the ashtray."
   About this time (after several flicks), traffic was allowed to move again. Much to my surprise, and disgust, out the window of the Jeep, flew the cigarette!! Great balls of fire, how dumb can a person be? I thought about a citizen's arrest, or find a police officer to report this incident. The Jeep (and I) continued on into Madras, where we parted ways.
   My recourse: write this letter, and hope the guilty party reads it. Maybe next time they are smoking in their car, they'll use common sense and extinguish their cigarette in the ash tray! Not in the grasslands, or the forests of our state.
   Duane C. Anderson
Lake Oswego
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