To the Editor,
   The coming election will present us with some interesting choices. One of our more difficult decisions concerns increased funding for the Madras Aquatic Center.
   As a regular user, I enjoy aqua excercise and lap swimming. I am a member, pay extra for classes, and, of course, pay taxes. I would prefer that my taxes not increase but am voting yes on the new levy because I see all the positives of keeping this beautiful facility open year-round.
   Indeed there is real conflict over tax dollars and much
   honest disagreement over how to spend them. However, for me, the benefits of the pool and its auxilliary activities are the deciding factors. I invite anyone in the comunity to go to the pool and see the number of folks engaged in classes, team swimming, polo, therapy, lap swimmimg and other recreational activities. I think you'll be impressed. Then add a growing list of sports for youth and adults. Now I know you'll be impressed.
   We have long wanted wholesome activities for youths in this community. MAC provides them. And, behold, it also provides wholesome, healthy activities for adults.
   I encourage your yes vote this November.
   Nancy Jolstead
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