To the Editor,
   It's overdue to update everyone on the status of the buffalo project at the South Y in Madras.
   The Buffalo is in Madras. The donations that enabled the purchase ($2,000) came from my graduating class of 1962. Other classes put in enough to have it shipped from El Paso, Texas, ($500) and still have some left over ($900) to probably cover the cost of the signs and erection of said signs (I hope).
   Three days after we got it into Madras, we entered it into the fair parade. It was mounted in the back of Jerry Green's (class of 1955) 1928 Ford Model A pickup (it barely fit). I have never heard "Oh my God, that's so awesome," so many times in succession. We were a hit!
   We left it in the back of the pickup and entered it into the Jefferson County Fair the next week. Now, the fair entry fee is $150, but we need to thank the Fair Board, especially Bill Vollmer. With his, Joe Krenowicz and Helen Houts' help from the Chamber of Commerce, the board considered us worthy enough of a community service project to waive the fees. We were in a good location, close to the main gate. Thanks to Buffalo Committee members Ken Florey, Judy Ottenbacher and especially Jerry Green for helping man the fair "station." We were also next to the Rotary Club's booth and got some good support from Mike Solso, Pat Boyle and Tena Jackson. I might mention that Tena is also the branch manager for Home Federal Bank and thanks to them for their help (that's where our White Buffalo Fund is set up). Laura Rehwinkel of the Buff Booster Club came by and offered support, if needed.
   The next step in our process is to have it painted white. Dave Bell, local manager of Les Schwab Tires, stepped up big for us! Les Schwab Tires will cover the cost of having that paint job done. Actually, it's a powder coating, to be done by Commercial Powder Coating Inc. of Bend. For those of you not in the know about paints, powder coating is a very durable finish, just what we want (this is a $600 deal, guys). Thank you, Dave!
   Another person that stepped up big is Don Redfield, of Door Keeper Construction, Inc. and his wife, Linda. Don volunteered his expertise in the construction of the buff setting and sign erection. Thanks, Don!
   I am working with Gus Burril, Madras city administrator, on the requirements that the city needs for us to do our project. My next meeting will be with the Arts Committee on Sept. 18. Our 1962 class reunion was the prior weekend (this report was done before the reunion), I will stick around for a couple of days more to attend that meeting. I have prepared some optional drawings in preparation for that meeting. These drawings include not only the South Y, but the North Y, in case this project expands to include it. I have already stopped by the State Highway office in Bend and gotten the OK from them.
   I was hoping to have the paint job done in time for our class reunion but didn't think that was enough time. But we did plan to have it for viewing during the reunion (this report was done prior to the reunion).
   Bob Chard
Grants Pass
MHS class of '62
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