To the Editor,

   Please vote yes on the MAC Recreation District Levy. I support the jail, library and our city services, but I feel strongly that a little bit of our tax money should be spent on supporting an organized recreation program and keeping our beautiful pool open. This levy will make healthy lifestyles for local children and adults a real option.
   For the first five years that I lived here, I drove back and forth to Redmond every Monday evening to play in a women's volleyball league. After two late night accidents traveling home from my games, I quit playing volleyball. We don't need to travel to Redmond. We have gyms and people here that want to participate. We just need a recreation district to run it.
   I have three young children that participate in soccer and swimming activities. I hope that one day (preferably after graduating from college) one or more of my children will want to return to Madras to take over our family farm. This has to be a community they want to raise their families in. Madras is already a great place to live. We have a great library, a nice hospital, beautiful parks that I feel safe taking my family to and a school district full of hardworking people that really care about our kids. Let's add the one missing link to our community -- an organized MAC Recreation District that provides safe and healthy activities for everyone in our community.
   Heidi Boyle
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