Unjust dismissal

To the Editor,
   It was with shock and disbelief that I heard the news that Dr. Beamer had been fired from his ER position at Mountain View Hospital, and I feel compelled to speak out against an injustice to one of the best surgeons/general practitioners our community has been lucky enough to have.
   To have a long, stellar career blemished and ended by an error in judgment that hurt no one, is a travesty. Dr. Beamer has been there for this county and its inhabitants for over 40 years. He has delivered our children, performed our surgeries, and dispensed wise advice and counsel along with medicine.
   When he ran out of time during normal clinic hours, he would often show up at our homes later that night to finish his long day. He has patched and tended athletes on both sides at our games. Letters of thanks appear in the Pioneer from out-of-towners who were touched by Dr. Beamer's care and compassion when they landed in our ER.
   Having someone new to our community fire him without knowing the background of the integral part Dr. Beamer has played in our lives makes this all the more tragic. The Beamers were awarded the Community Advocate Award by the chamber a few years back.
   A doctor who continues as a mainstay of the fabric of our community deserves a second chance and the wisdom of Solomon to make sure that happens.
   Sally Miller