by: Photo by Billy Gates - A glass case is lowered from the second floor with a hydraulic lift to join an old trunk and dentist's chair on the trailer.

A team of adventurous farmers and other volunteers, who weren't afraid of heights, helped move the contents of the Jefferson County Museum from the historic old building on D Street to a new location at the Westside Building on Fourth Street.
   Evidently a narrow staircase was built after items were put on the second floor in the old museum, so the only way to get them out was through the old fire escape door, which these days opens into thin air.
   With the help of a heavy "tela handler" hydraulic lift, loaned by Essex Laboratories, which was hauled in on a trailer loaned by Boyle Family Farms, and operated by Scotty Samsel, two organs, an upright piano, many shelves and glass cases were removed and loaded onto trailers.
   Youths from the Community Justice juvenile program pitched in to help move shelves and antique furniture, with trucks and trailers provided by volunteers.
   Everything is now stacked in a former classroom of the former Westside Elementary building, and now the equally hard work of sorting it all will begin.
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