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Madras will be the site of a free statewide Marijuana Summit on Oct. 18, to explore the facts and myths about marijuana.
   Sponsored by BestCare Prevention, the summit will be from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at Living Hope Christian Center, 25 N.E. A St., and will offer seven hours of continuing education credit.
   Community members, law enforcement personnel, treatment and prevention professionals, parents, youths, school staff, and social service agencies are encouraged to attend.
   To register, contact 541-475-4884. The registration deadline is Oct. 12.
   The Marijuana Summit agenda includes:
   . A morning keynote address on "National Impact of Marijuana" by Dr. Kevin Sabet.
   Working on drug policy issues for more than 18 years, Sabet remains the only staff member at the Office of National Drug Control Policy to hold a political appointment in both the Bush and Obama administrations.
   He has appeared on many media outlets to share his expertise, including CNBC, CNN, MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews, and others.
   Sabet will speak about the facts and statistics on the impact of marijuana on the nation. He will provide techniques to effectively share key talking points on marijuana, dispel common myths associated with marijuana, and provide facts in refuting them.
   . A speaker panel on "Oregon Marijuana Program, Laws, and Proposed Measures," in which the panelists will share facts, statistics and a brief history of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.
   The panel will explore proposed measures, including Measure 80, which is on the Oregon November ballot.
   . A speaker panel on the "Costs of Marijuana to Law Enforcement and the Environment." Presenters and panelists will share information about impaired and drugged driving, the impact and cost of marijuana on law enforcement, share visual aids of indoor and outdoor marijuana grows, the manufacturing and trafficking of marijuana, and discuss public safety concerns.
   . An afternoon keynote talk on "State Impact of Marijuana" by Eric Martin, who will discuss facts and statistics on the impact of marijuana for the state of Oregon.
   Martin will dispel common marijuana myths, and explain prevention and treatment measures. He is a state- and nationally-certified graduate addictions counselor with 26 years of clinical experience in inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, residential and outpatient addictions treatment and prevention.
   . A speaker panel on the "Costs of Marijuana to our Youth, Treatment and Health Care." Presenters and panelists will share their expertise and provide statistics about the impact to children and families, treatment and health care.
   Topics will include prenatal risk, the impact to parenting and child welfare, adolescent functioning with academics and relationships, rate of juvenile delinquency referrals associated with marijuana, youth and adult marijuana addiction and treatment rates, the interference of treating mental health disorders, the medicinal aspect with marijuana and the processes of determining approved medicines, and the impact to our health care system.
   . The closing talk will be on "Costs of Marijuana to a Life" by Jewell Begin, former Miss Teen Oregon, who will share how marijuana impacted her life.
   Now 23 years old, she will describe when she started with marijuana, where it led her as a gateway drug and how much it took for her to hit rock bottom.
   Today, she practices recovery every day and has been clean and sober for over 1 1/2 years. She works part time and is a full-time student studying to become an alcohol and drug counselor.
   . A review of statewide ideas will end the summit. Prevention specialists from around the region will lead participants in reviewing and voting for the top three ideas collected from the Madras summit.
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