To the Editor,
   Something has been done about the condition of the windmill fan at Weigand's Well at milepost 11 on U.S. Highway 26. The USFS office in Prineville was unable to respond to numerous contact attempts over the last year concerning the maintainence of Grassland windmills. No phone calls were ever returned, and the person responsible was never available for direct contact.
   The fan at Weigand's Well was slowly leaning as the bolts holding it to the tower broke. The fan was still in working condition until that time. The larger windmill closer to Madras was not so lucky. After the tail came unlocked, the fan was beaten to pieces, and destroyed.
   The problem would have been an easy fix. Climb the tower, and replace the mounting bolts holding the fan to the tower. It just seemed such a shame, that the caretaker of public property couldn't be bothered to care for our assets. I'm not the only person who was concerned.
   But this week, someone finally did something about it. It was a young man. He was working on the tower as I came home from work. His wife (?) was watching from below. They were in their private car, so I know it wasn't anyone "official." It is now restored to an upright position, and looks wondeful. Thank you so much for renewing my good opinion of the human spirit and doing a job that needed to be done.
   Sara I. Miller