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By Duran Bobb
   W.S. Correspondent
   Kim Medina, of Warm Springs, was out hunting with her grandchildren on Sunday, around 4:20 p.m., near the P600 road off U.S. Highway 26 in Warm Springs, when they discovered the body of tribal member Jonas Miller, 33.
   "It was pretty shocking, to say the least," Medina said. "I tried to get everyone informed right away. Thank goodness I remembered Danny Martinez lived in that area."
   Warm Springs Fire Chief Dan Martinez was soon on the scene of the discovery, off the end of the blacktop, near County Line Road.
   "I'm praying for the family that discovered the body and came to my residence," said Martinez. "They took me to the site."
   Medina indicated that it was an apparent crime scene. She drove past the location once and continued going, but thought about it more and turned her vehicle around to make sure.
   "So, I thank the community for all of their prayers," she said. "My grandchildren are very upset by this incident."
   "I'm so sorry this happened to them," Martinez added. "I did ask if they were okay when they left the scene. I needed to check the area, so I had them leave to meet with the police."
   The community is in shock and tribal members are calling for prayer.
   "This is a loss for all families," tribal member and author Elizabeth Woody said. "Some blame violence on drugs. But it's all hard on the people, the children and families. There's stress, heartache, no jobs and extreme hardship. Where do we start? We need love and prayer. We need comfort and tender thoughts. We need to be strong."
   The investigation has been turned over to the FBI. "It is undetermined at this time whether it was accidental or foul play was involved," FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele wrote in an email Monday evening. "We are not releasing any further information at this time."
   Anyone with information in this matter may contact the Warm Springs Police Department at 541-553-1171.
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