>   To the Editor,
   I find it hard not to respond to some recent events involving Mountain View Hospital.
   First, this attack on Dr. Beamer. Words are hard to find that describe the disappointment I have with the investigation of one of Jefferson County's most prominent citizens. Why is this incident deserving of time and effort?
   Of course, not knowing all the facts but what I read in the Pioneer, it sure seems the new is getting rid of the old. To me this simply seems like retaliation for not being completely supportive of inducting Madras Mountain View Hospital into St. Charles.
   Bud has been a pillar in this community, an example of a good, righteous person. How many lives has he saved, changed for the better, consoled -- too many to count.
   I know most of the individuals who serve on the hospital's board of directors and consider some of them my friends. Serving on the board can, at times, be very difficult and I appreciate the amount of time you have given this community. I only hope to see this situation end with the support of Doctor Bud Beamer and get him back to work in Madras, at our hospital.
   Which brings me to my second issue. St. Charles is a good Hospital, but, Mountain View is our hospital. It appears to me that over the past several years, the administrative responsibilities at Mountain View Hospital have deteriorated to a very low level. The caregivers continue to provide their invaluable service. It is sad to see that Madras' Mountain View Hospital has to change ownership. There has to be a way to keep Mountain View Hospital an independent Hospital. There has to be a way to keep Dr. Beamer.
   Mike Throop
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