Harvey and DeRoest will split management

by: Photo by Tony Ahern - Carolyn Harvey, of Madras, has been hired as the new MAC operations manager.

   Carolyn Harvey is the new operations manager at the Madras Aquatic Center.
   Harvey, a longtime health and recreation professional, started with the MAC on Oct. 8. She'll oversee several aspects of the MAC Recreation District, including facilities, front desk at the pool, finances and management of the year-old recreation program.
   Bobby DeRoest, who for approximately three years has been heading up generally all day-to-day management duties for the MAC, will focus on pool operations and programs as aquatics manager.
   The board announced the "splitting of the general manager" duties -- between Harvey and DeRoest -- last week.
   MAC officials indicate that the hiring of Harvey is a revenue neutral move through a reorganization of current positions. An aquatics assistant position was recently eliminated. Also, the original general manager position, which was vacated when DeRoest was handed all the management duties, was never filled.
   "The board felt that, to ensure the continuation of quality programming, and to enable Bobby to remain effective with the in-water activities, a reorganization (was needed)," said Sally Gauvin, in a release about the hire. "Consequently, the board felt that splitting the general manager duties would be the best course of action, as long as we found the right person."
   Harvey has previous experience managing an athletic club and bowling center, where she developed recreation programs. She also worked for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs for nearly a decade as community wellness coordinator. Until taking her position at the MAC, Harvey was the Healthy Communities Program coordinator for the Jefferson County Health Department.
   Harvey's goals for the MAC are "to make it sustainable. It's such an asset for our community and it has the potential to offer so much more. But it's not going to happen overnight."
   Expanding the out-of-pool recreation aspects the district provides is a goal for Harvey.
   "I view recreation broadly," said Harvey. "Not only physical activity but we can do things like create trips for seniors, organize arts and music festivals for the community, things like that."
   Harvey notes that the such economic development aspects like festivals and similar largescale programs will require partnerships within the community, but they are something in which the MAC can take a lead role.
   Harvey has long maintained her credentials as a personal trainer and also teaches group fitness classes in Madras.
   Harvey will also work on marketing and community outreach duties for the MAC, noting her background has always generally been on helping people stay healthy.
   Harvey moved to Madras with her family as a freshman in high school, and graduated from Madras High School in 1969. After spending several years in the Omak, Wash. area, she returned to Jefferson County in 2002 to take the job in Warm Springs.
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