Lack of respect


   To the Editor,
   I am a Medical Assistant at Madras Medical Group ... and I got the job by recommendation from Dr. "Bud" Beamer, someone I have known and worked with over the last 15 years. Bud has been an inspiration, a mentor, and most of all a "friend" to me and my family. He is a man of wisdom (that some could learn from), a man of compassion (also to be learned) and a man of loyalty (something uptown people obviously know nothing about) ... look it up!
   Us smalltown people stick together, and I believe you will find that out. As the CEO of a smalltown hospital, you should stand behind your staff and back them up regardless, not work against them.
   Bud has helped build the medical community in Madras and Warm Springs, the same one you are fortunate enough to work for. It seems to me that there has been more turnover this past year at MVHD than there has been in my 13 years at MMG. Something has to be said about that.
   I am glad to know that my employer is no longer a part of the St. Charles takeover and that I work for a business that knows what the need for a job these days stands for. Working with Bud instilled in me, co-workers and incoming newer generation of doctors what it means to work in a small town and how to care for those you know and don't know. He is a very well-known man and loved even more by many.
   How dare someone unknown to this town come in and take something (the one thing that is cherished by someone so intently) away from not only one man but his family and community as well.
   If any of you have ever been fortunate enough to attend a Beamer event, you would know that the dogs of the Beamer house are family. He treats them as he does any one of us ... with love and respect. It does not surprise me that Bud would try to help one of his ailing dogs, and it does not surprise me that Bud reported himself to the Board of Medical Examiners, nor that he turned the unused medicine back into MVHD. What does surprise me is the actions (or lack thereof) from the CEO of the hospital. Stick around and learn what it is about to live, work, and respect the people and community you live in. You could learn a thing or two. It also does not surprise me that you had no comment in the article (Oct. 10) but how dare you say that you weren't going to comment out of "respect" for him. While looking up loyalty, you should also look up respect and the meaning of that as well.
   Bud, you are loved, admired and respected beyond words by those of us that "KNOW" you.
   Amber Searcy