>Construction firm adds floor covering biz
When Madras' L3 Construction found themselves always going out of town to buy their floor coverings for jobs, they tried to think of an idea of how to keep their business in town.
   How about just selling it themselves, they thought.
   About six weeks ago, co-owner Janet Landmark said, the business expanded to include L3 Flooring, a new retail store specializing in floor coverings.
   "We were going to Redmond and Bend a lot, so we figured if we need it, other people would need it, too," co-owner Janet Landmark said. "We've been getting a great response."
   Like most businesses around the area, getting people to hang around Madras, rather than venture down U.S. Highway 97, has been more than just a small hassle.
   L3 is doing its part to try to curb that by combining their construction office and retail store at its location, 1595 U.S. Highway 26.
   Landmark and husband Dave, along with son-in-law Dustin George, have more than 10 years experience in the business and are passionate about providing services they feel Madras "needs."
   While the expansion has definitely been quite a bit of work, Landmark said, it's worth it in the end, and they are pleased they can offer floor coverings for new construction jobs and keep the business here in the Madras.
   "This is exciting and we're so happy we are able to do this," Landmark said. "We've thought about doing it for years, and finally we were able to come through with it."
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