Guns, safe stolen in Culver

Thief entered through window
On the very first day of their vacation to Las Vegas earlier this month, Deanna and Ty Shaw, of Culver, received an upsetting phone call.
   "We got a phone call saying our house was burglarized," said Deanna Shaw, whose 18-year-old son came home from school and saw that their house on Lakeshore Drive, in Culver, had been broken into and called them.
   Items taken included eight rifles and shotguns, a laptop computer, a PlayStation 3 gaming system with accessories and games, and an old gray floor safe.
   "Those guns were my father's," said Deanna Shaw. "They meant a lot to us because they were our dad's. What was in the safe was my mother's -- old jewelry. Everything in there was not replaceable."
   The safe contained her mother's pearls, a cameo ring from Germany which featured a knight's face, an emerald ring, her mother's wedding ring with five or six diamonds, a watch with rubies on the dial, and old coins.
   Shaw's mother died in 2004, and her father in 1998, so the theft has left her feeling their loss once again. "(The burglars) violated us," she said, adding that she wouldn't have cared if they had taken a television.
   "My wedding ring's replaceable; my mother's stuff is not," she said. "What's in the safe was more important than anything. My mother was taken from me."
   The burglary occurred on Monday, Oct. 15, between 8:45 a.m. and 1 p.m., according to a report from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.
   "They got in through an unlocked, but closed window," she said. "They pulled up to the house and carried stuff out. The neighbors saw a black car and two people."
   Even though she has insurance, Shaw hopes that someone will have information about the crime which will help her family get their heirlooms back.
   Anyone with information should call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 541-475-2201.