Crooked River Ranch Roundup

Paving completed at CRR
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   Paving at the corner at Chinook and Badger was completed this past week at Crooked River Ranch to accommodate mail pickup from postal cluster boxes.
   One will be moved from Chinook and Antelope and the existing box at Chinook and Badger will be moved away from the busy roadway to the interior of a cleared corner of acquired Ranch land.
   The current locations of the cluster boxes pose a hazard to postal workers who park their delivery trucks and fill the mail boxes close to the edge of heavily traveled Chinook Lane.
   After both boxes are moved away from the edge of Badger on Oct. 30, the new arrangement will be safer for postal workers and Ranchers picking up their mail and rejoining traffic on Chinook.
   Badger Road has also been paved east of Chinook to accommodate cars entering the corner with the relocated cluster boxes and where the new Ranch information kiosk has also been constructed. The new kiosk is for the convenience of visitors to the Ranch who can stop and pick up maps and brochures of Ranch attractions.
   The external construction of the kiosk is complete and the inside will be finished in due course. For the present, it will augment the existing kiosk at the corner of Chinook and Country Club Drive. The CRR/Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce will maintain the supplies of literature inside both kiosks.
   Community center project
   In a follow-up telephone conversation last Friday with Ranch Club and Maintenance Association Vice President Kit Henderson, she corrected a couple of misstatements attributed to her in this column, Oct. 17, about the status of the Ranch Community Center project.
   The column quoted Henderson saying Mac Investments offered 50 acres of its Ranch holdings to the Ranch association board for construction of a community center. Instead Mac Investments offered five acres to the homeowners' association via the Community Development Organization.
   The Oct. 17 column also reported Henderson saying the HOA board rejected the Mac Investments offer. It didn't. Instead, the HOA requested an alternative offer from Mac Investments for construction of a community center on the Ranch lower level -- both offers to be discussed with the HOA board in a subsequent meeting with Mac Investment's Murry MacPherson and CDO officers.
   She also said Frank Wood withdrew his interest in any Ranch community center project on the lower level of the community, not the community center project in its entirety as indicated in the column.
   The Pioneer regrets having misconstrued some details of Henderson's remarks about the community center project and reporting them that way.
   The overriding points of the Oct. 17 CRR news column were accurate, including:
   . Key Mac Investments, Ranch HOA and CDO officers did not respond to requests for an update on the community center project;
   . Henderson and Hope Johnson reported no progress on the project since last spring;
   . No Ranch or CDO officer is currently championing construction of a community center.
   Henderson also concurs that further progress toward planning and constructing a Ranch community center will not resume as long as the current project status quo prevails and no Ranch or CDO officer is championing its development.
   HOA October meeting
   Last week's HOA meeting highlights were made available late Thursday afternoon by Administrator Judy LaPora. They did not contain a surfeit of specific information.
   For example, the substance of reports on the architectural and the new publicity committee by Paulette Nordin and Henderson, respectively, was missing.
   Henderson said the highlights were delayed and sketchier than previous meeting's because the writing and distribution of them is being learned by a new employee supervised by LaPora.
   Among the reported October highlights was a decision by the board to write a letter to the Bureau of Land Management requesting that a locked gate replace the large boulders blocking vehicles from entering Boy Scout Camp Trail.
   A gate could be unlocked by an authorized officer with a key, so emergency vehicles can access the trail to deal with emergency situations on the trail. In the past, help for and retrieval of injured hikers has taken too long because those operations had to be carried out by rescuers on foot going in and coming out.
   The remainder of the Oct. 15 highlights are general references to housekeeping items discussed at the meeting and can be viewed online at