Buff boys soccer take out Rangers

First time under Jones MHS wins in Estacada
The Madras boys soccer team did what no other Clark Jones-coached team has been able to do - win in Estacada.
   The White Buffaloes knocked down the Rangers on Tuesday for the second time this season, 2-1.
   Jones said not even his team that advanced to the state semifinals in 2010 beat Estacada on the road, so it was a pretty big deal and special win.
   "We played our game, and we won," Jones said. "The officials kept the game under control and kept it from getting too physical. We appreciated that a lot."
   Jones said Estacada is always a tough place to play because the games are played on the football field, rather than a soccer-only field, making it not an "ideal place to play soccer."
   Madras tallied its first goal off the head of David Madrigal. Madrigal, who usually starts at defender for the Buffs, played a corner kick from Maylo Urieta perfectly and stuck his head on the ball and put the Buffs on the board.
   "Usually you don't plan on having one of your best defenders come up and score like that," Jones said. "He did a good job playing that corner."
   Another usual defender - Uziel Garcia - scored what amounted to be the game-winning goal for the Buffs.
   Garcia stayed active in the top of the Buffs' formation all game long, Jones said, and he was consistently in "the right place at the right time."
   "He worked himself into that goal," Jones said. "He never stopped running the entire game. It was great."
   Oved Felix was credited with the assist.
   Perhaps the biggest play of the match, however, was by Madras goalkeeper Scott Sanchez.
   In the 57th minute, Sanchez stopped an Estacada penalty kick that would have tied the match.
   "Quite honestly, I think this game gave us the confidence we need going forward," Jones said. "If we play well and play our game and end the season with four wins, it will put us in a completely different position when it comes to postseason."
   At 2-4, the Buffs need to win at least three out of the four remaining games on their schedule if they want to guarantee themselves a playoff spot, but as far as Jones is concerned, anything is possible.
   "We're not done yet," Jones said.