the Oct. 22 board meeting, Superintendent Rick Molitor reviewed 509-J School District results on the recently issued State Report Card.
   "The details show there are good things to celebrate," Molitor said.
   He explained how the past two years of each school's reading and and math scores are averaged, then added together and averaged again for an overall achievement score.
   The schools are also rated on student progress and improvement from year to year.
   Madras High School's achievement was rated "outstanding" because the reading levels went from 64.9 percent of students meeting state standards in 2010-11 to 76.0 percent of students meeting them in 2011-12.
   At Warm Springs Elementary, reading levels dropped from 60.3 in 2010-11 to 48.0 in 2011-12, which Molitor said was "Due to the increased target put on us last year."
   The state raised the bar for the target reading score last year, but not the math target.
   In math, Warm Springs increased its achievement, going from a level of 33.8 in 2010-11 to 41.5 in 2011-12.
   At Jefferson County Middle School, the reading level went down from 60.7 to 51.1; but the math level increased from 51.1 to 58.3.
   The averaged scores, plus outstanding attendance and test participation rates, were enough to move the school from a report card rating of "in need of improvement" to "satisfactory."
   At Buff Intermediate, reading went from a level of 54.7 to 51.0, and math dropped from 35.7 to 31.7.
   Metolius Elementary levels dropped from 79.9 to 72.9 in reading, and 52.6 to 49.0 in math. But it remained in the state range for satisfactory, which is 50.0-74.9 (after math and reading scores are averaged), because Metolius' averaged achievement rating was 63.6.
   Other business
   Under personnel, Karina Feigner was hired as the Culture Enrichment Club advisor at Madras High School.
   The agreement with Oregon State University was continued to provide for six SMILE Club advisors. OSU contributes $7,400, and 509-J $3,000 for the science and math program.
   The amount of $45,180 from the Title 1-A School Improvement Grant was approved to use at Warm Springs Elementary.
   A donation of up to $1,500 in NIKE merchandise was accepted from teacher Georgina Fugate, who has a relative that works at NIKE. The donation will consist of shoes and clothing items to give to needy students.
   The board approved the creation of a three-member Achievement Compact Committee to review the state's Achievement Compact goals and 509-J's goals to see how to mesh the two. The goals must be completed by Jan. 15.
   The board voted to allow Molitor to accept the proposed terms of agreement, as soon as they are finalized, for cooperation between 509-J and the Confederated Tribes to build a K-8 school in Warm Springs.
   This will allow for the release of tax-exempt bonds on 509-J's half of the construction project. The tribe's half of the project is being funded through a USDA loan.
   Coach speaks
   Varsity football coach Rick Wells spoke during citizen's comments, urging the board to consider hiring a paid athletic trainer for the district.
   "It's a necessity for our long-term athletic success," Wells said.
   Wells estimated it would cost $40,000 a year. "We could take from other areas of the (athletic) budget to pay for this position," Wells said, noting the person could also be a coach.
   "We need a full-time strength and conditioning coach," he said noting the football team had recently been defeated by two stronger opponents, not because MHS players weren't as good, but because the opponents were stronger.
   "LaSalle has five to six units of weight lifting offered to students," Wells said, suggesting more weightlifting be offered at MHS.
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