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   After 25 years of painstaking research, Culver resident Joseph Buckles has written a book about nothing.
   Called "Nothing Is ..." the book has a hilarious time examining the uses and misuses of the word "nothing."
   "I am truly grateful for sharing this book with our community. I hope they enjoy nothing as much as we have," first-time author Buckles commented.
   The book contains numerous quotes using the word, including one by Albert Einstein, "There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle."
   It is also sprinkled with cartoons by Greg Cross, a graphic artist with the Bend Bulletin, to illustrate points.
   "Greg took my sketches and made them into some funny cartoons," Buckles noted.
   "This word has been gnawing at me all my life. When people said `nothing' that's not what they really meant," Buckles observed. So, he decided to do something about it.
   A member of the Central Oregon Writers Guild, Buckles decided to write a book on the topic while taking classes from Cindy Prescher.
   "Cindy thought the book was funny and encouraged me to publish it. It took two years to put the book together and get it right," Buckles said, mentioning it took a lot of time to obtain permission to use the quotes in the book.
   He submitted "Nothing Is ..." to Virtual Bookworm Publishing Inc., which reviewed the book and said they would like to publish it.
   "It's out there and banging around, and people are giving each other nothing for Christmas," Buckles joked.
   The 124-page soft cover book is available for $13.95, plus shipping, on, at Barnes and Noble, through e-book outlets, or from the author, when he can get them.
   "The publisher keeps running out," he said. "I get them in boxes of 50 and will be selling them signed for $14 at book signings."
   Buckles will speak and hold a book signing in Madras at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 11, during the Girls Night Out gathering at the First Baptist Church, and the public is invited.
   The book review of "Nothing Is ..." says, "The topic for `Nothing Is...' is so profound, yet evasive, that it presents insurmountable difficulties with conventional thinking, reading, and writing."
   "While writing `Nothing Is...' Joseph Buckles kept in mind a poignant plaque given to him by a dear friend who wrote and edited for prominent writers such as Garrison Keillor."
   "The plaque had only two simple words on it: `Eschew Obfuscation.' Buckles reveals the ominous consequences of using a word that is the ultimate tool and icon of obfuscation: nothing!"
   "For some, nothing will never make sense, but others will learn something about nothing. They will consider the true origin of `creation out of nothing' and the vast, immeasurable implications that it holds."
   "Using quotes, examples, humorous illustrations, and scripture, Buckles urges and challenges us to learn, think, speak, and write without ever saying nothing."
   "I'm trying to put an end to nothing, but it's getting worse," Buckles quipped.
   About the author
   Growing up in Portland, Buckles had an insatiable desire to learn, know, fix, test, build, and challenge.
   He later attended Portland State College, Portland Community College, and other schools of learning.
   He holds several patents, was a journeyman electrician for 35 years, and has participated in ham radio. He also worked in real estate with a broker's license for 35 years, owned a small printing business, and ran several presses for about 40 years.
   Buckles plays several musical instruments, has sung in barbershop chorus and quartet groups, and served as a deacon and an elder in his home church in Portland for over 25 years.
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