>   To the Editor,
   I have lived here in Madras now for five years. I have lived in the same house for all of these years and I have had the same problem, my neighbor's dog. The dog is never on a leash or in a pen, it gets into my trash every week.
   The owners have told me to put a rock on top of my trash can. I have and the dog still gets in it. I have tried to use a bungee cord and other means to keep the dog out. Nothing has worked and the owners don't care; they won't even clean up the mess that their dog makes. They have told me and my disabled mother that it isn't their problem.
   We have called animal control and they aren't able to do anything unless we catch the dog or call them and are lucky enough to have the control officer show up in time to see the dog running loose. We have also had the city police called on us because of the trash being all over the ground because of this dog.
   My question is, can something be done to get these dog owners held accountable for their animal?
   Katrina Rodgers
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