>Trees, rallies on CRR agenda
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   The agenda for this month's workshop contained a good many issues for the Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association Board of Directors to consider.
   First off they approved the request from McDonald tree farm to begin selling Christmas trees at the old fire hall from the day after Thanksgiving until Dec 24. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Ranch.
   A long discussion ensued over Fire Chief Tim McLaren's request to connect a driveway from his rental property to Tower Road. After discussing it for some time, it proved too complex to resolve quickly and was postponed to the November monthly meeting for further consideration.
   Second motorcycle rally?
   Ranch/Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Hope Johnson introduced an inquiry from Pete Fisher, of Powroll Motor Performance, the Ranch-based company which has put on the Steel Stampede historic motorcycle rally annually the last five springs.
   She said Fisher has been asked by the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, the organization that developed the Stampede events, if he would consider putting on another one in the fall at the Ranch in addition to the existing spring rally.
   Proceeds from those events have funded a Ranch project each year. This year, it was the new Ranch information kiosk at the corner of Badger and Chinook roads that is visible in the final stages of erection.
   Fisher wanted to run the association's request by the board before he looked into it in detail. The board told Johnson to inform Fisher they would consider a proposal when he is ready to make one.
   The next item on the agenda, a discussion of the differences in Jefferson County's commercial zone and the Ranch's was quickly deferred to the Nov. 19 board meeting by Ben Johnson without a peep from any of the board directors. The reasons for this action were not entirely clear.
   Next, Treasurer Herb Parker reported he had been elected the new Budget/Audit Committee chairman, that Marilynne Keiser would continue as vice chairman and Donna Davis was elected secretary.
   The new date for the department supervisors to make their presentations for next year's budget is Feb. 4, with a follow-up meeting Feb. 6. The schedule of next year's fees is to be ready for board consideration at the December monthly meeting.
   The annual Snack Shack discussion resulted in the board concluding, after operating it for three years at a loss, that it probably could be more efficiently managed and made profitable by a company experienced in running that type of operation.
   It was thus decided to recruit a competent firm with that expertise by putting out requests for proposals that would meet objectives to be defined by the board before it seeks bids.
   Vice President Kit Henderson reported that the county commissioners had sent a letter to the board rejecting the latter's request to provide space at Panorama Park for RVs intended to house watchdogs to prevent further vandalism.
   The commissioners said the cost was out of proportion to the need, which Henderson said the board accepted, and the matter has been dropped.
   The next agenda item was about enforcement procedures for codes, covenants and restrictions, which Ben Johnson also summarily rolled over for discussion at the November board meeting.
   Bicycle fundraiser topic
   Hope Johnson outlined a bicycle event for the Ranch that she said the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has discussed with her as a fundraiser.
   The event would also bring business and favorable publicity to the Ranch, said Johnson, adding that it would not be a race, but would attract a hundred or so bicycle riders to tour Ranch roads on bicycles for one specific event.
   She was encouraged by the board to come up with a detailed proposal it could consider, providing it did not conflict with other Ranch events.
   During a short review of the Phase Rep Committee, Chairwoman Paulette Nordin said the committee was performing smoothly as intended and no specific changes in its charter were being considered.
   Association President Johnson concurred with that assessment telling Nordin that her committee was regarded very favorably by the board, which feels that it is one of the most productive Ranch committees. He urged her to keep up the good work.
   Johnson went on to express concern over Nordin's considerable workload as Phase Rep chairman, secretary of the Architectural Committee and other duties. He suggested a backup be considered for her.
   Nordin agreed and said she would present that idea to the Phase Rep Committee for consideration. Treasurer Parker reinforced Johnson's remarks to Nordin and thanked her for her significant contributions.
   The work session adjourned at 12:30 p.m., and was followed by an executive session.
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