>   To the Editor,
   I would like to give a recognition to several people who helped me locate my lost dog today. She came up missing from our home in Metolius after breaking out of our fence. My husband and I looked for her for about 45 minutes and with no sign of her called the Jefferson County Kennels to alert them. Rene assured me that she would keep her eye out for her and was very kind in her response.
   I saw Susie Binder walking and asked her to keep her eye out. Susie recommended that I contact the Metolius City Hall. Pat, our Public Works man, went looking for her and located her and stayed with her until I arrived. Mary, the Metolius City Hall secretary was also very reassuring and promised to call me if they located her. Another person from Metolius also called the Madras Animal Hospital to report her found and they contacted me right away. Other people who had their eyes out for her were Carl and Gayle from the Metolius Market.
   I really feel like my little town cares and I thank everyone involved in locating my dog. The amount of time she was missing might not sound like much but she is precious to us and we were very scared that she would be injured or lost; so it was a tense time for us.
   She is now safely home and recovering from her misadventure. Thanks so much!
   Barbara Ibrahiam
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