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Carnival costume contest winners listed


   The Living Hope Christian Center Halloween Carnival included the Madras Aquatic Center Halloween Costume Contest, which was presented by Papa Murphys Pizza.
   Winners included: 0-2 years old - Emmett Montgomery (monkey); Pre-K - Kasamira Johnson (Snow White); kindergarten - Owen Conway (werewolf); first grade - Ashle Alire (Black Swan); second grade - Azdan Kinkade (Dracula); third grade - Madison Matanane (Dorothy and Toto); fourth grade - Elizabeth Franklin (Cookie Monster); fifth grade - Tyson Graeme (alien); sixth through eighth grade - Jessica Gienger (Unlucky Charms "Cereal Killer"); high school - Pink Ladies, Lyryk Webb and Soraya Mendez; adult male - German Contreraz (pirate); adult female - Cristal Orquiz (dancer).
   Overall winner - Joy Ramirez (kissing booth).
   The annual Halloween event at the fairgrounds drew a reported 1,600 people.