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   Judge Annette Hillman was the star of the show at the Nov. 3 Big Night at the Big House fundraiser as she processed arrest warrants, sending various community members to prison cells to serve three minute sentences at Deer Ridge's medium security prison.
   Brave citizens entered the prison and experienced a little bit of the life of a convict. They were booked, photographed and fingerprinted and placed in a cell.
   They were fed prison refreshments, such as Mystery Meat Roll Ups, Brownie Surprises, and Jail House Pruno.
   Only after roll call were they released to enjoy a prison trivia game, participate in prison tours, and have the pleasure of slipping arrest warrant requests on other unsuspecting citizens.
   Corporal Verduzko presented himself as a formidable force to be reckoned with as he escorted the "cuffed" accused to their cells.
   The event was a benefit for the Juniper Junction Relief Nursery and its efforts to meet the need in the community.
   The program works with families with infants and toddlers and a significant risk of child abuse and neglect. The goal is to strengthen families, and provide the community's most vulnerable children a better chance of leading productive, successful lives.
   Recent studies produce overwhelming scientific evidence that continued adverse experiences early in life negatively affect brain development, and can seriously compromise a child's ability to learn, grow, self-regulate, and show empathy throughout life.
   The Relief Nursery helps parents reduce their risk factors, and increase their skills, knowledge and resources that will strengthen the whole family.
   The prison setting presented a good predictor of where failure to support families might lead.
   For more information about the Juniper Junction Relief Nursery, visit the Juniper Junction Community Council website,, or contact Tryna Muilenburg at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 541-475-2537. Donations to the program are greatly appreciated.
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