An outsiders' view

by: Submitted Photo - Alexandria Mejia

   A poem about Madras, by a girl from Bellingham, Wash., has earned its way into the Jefferson County Museum.
   It gives an outsider's view of Madras, but the writer also has a local connection.
   Alexandria Mejia, a sophomore in high school in Bellingham, is the daughter of Kimberly Faubion and Richard Mejia, granddaughter of Jim and Nancy Caikoski of Madras, and great-granddaughter of the late Myrle and Susie Faubion of Madras.
   Alexandria also enjoys visiting Madras every summer to see relatives.
   For an English project at school, she wrote several poems, of which "Ode to Madras" is one. Copies of some of her poems will be available at the Jefferson County Museum at its new location in the Westside Building.
   My Ode to Madras
   I wasn't born here
   But I know it like I was.
   Dry and sunny
   Farms; a small town
   Family, close and together.
   Here in the summer you don't need a sweater
   Wildlife all around
   Coyotes, horses, bunnies, cattle.
   Grandma's house; my favorite part
   So many stories told here
   So many memories shared.
   A town with some riches, but mostly poverty.
   You Madras
   You ugly dry town,
   I think you are beautiful
   My favorite piece of Oregon
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