iper Junction Community Council announces a partnership with Schwan's to help fund its Relief Nursery.
   Those who want to assist can purchase their favorite Schwan's items directly from a Schwan's Home Service representative in the Bi-Mart/Apple Peddler parking lot in Madras, on Tuesday, Dec. 11, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
   Preorders are also encouraged. Visit for the catalog. Make sure to use the campaign identification number when ordering: 41366.
   There are over 350 products to choose from, and something to fit every eating occasion, flavor profile and nutritional need.
   There will be no waiting for products; customers will be able to take them home the day of the sale and there is no markup on any product.
   Schwan's will donate up to 20 percent of total sales from the event to Juniper Junction Relief Nursery.
   Preorders will be bagged according to who ordered them, so if you are picking up for someone, have their names handy. If someone forgets to preorder, Schwan's will have a truck filled with a variety of items to purchase on the spot.
   Schwan's gift cards for future purchases can be ordered by visiting or by calling 1-888-SCHWANS. When ordering, use the campaign ID No. 41366.
   Juniper Junction Relief Nursery serves the families of infants and toddlers who are at significant risk of child abuse and neglect.
   The goal of the program is to strengthen families and provide children the support they need to lead successful, productive lives.
   For more information about Schwan's truckload sale, JJCC and the Juniper Junction Relief Nursery, visit the website at or call Kelly at 541-475-2537.
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