>Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee

   The Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives today unanimously selected U.S. Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) to one of the top leadership positions in the Congress.
   He will chair the National Republican Congressional Committee. The NRCC chairman is one of eight positions elected by Republican House Members, and works with the speaker, majority leader, and other top officials to set the House's agenda at the leadership table.
   "I work hard for the people of Southern, Central, and Eastern Oregon, and this new leadership position allows me to voice the concerns of Oregonians at the decision-making table in Washington, D.C.," said Walden.
   "Since 1986, I have owned and managed a small business in Oregon with my wife," he said. "I know what it takes to grow jobs. As NRCC chairman, I will put my experience to good use to help enact a pro-jobs, pro-growth agenda in the House."
   "I will continue to reach across the aisle to enact policies that will get us back on track. We must work to promote small business and agriculture, access America's natural resources, and better manage our forests to create jobs in the woods. As always, I will listen to and work hard for Oregonians," said the 55-year-old Walden who lives with his wife Mylene in Hood River.
   The NRCC chairman ranks fifth in the House Republican leadership structure behind the speaker, majority leader, majority whip, and conference chairman. Currently, at least 233 Republican members of the House will serve next year.
   The NRCC's mission is to elect Republicans to the U.S. House. Greg Walden has served for nearly four years as deputy chairman of the NRCC with Chairman Pete Sessions. During this time, House Republicans made historic gains, regaining the majority in 2010 and preserving that majority in 2012.
   Walden will also remain as chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees communications and technology policy in the House, a post he has held for nearly two years.
   In that role, he worked across the aisle to pass a major technology law that will increase access to wireless broadband in rural Oregon and create thousands of jobs in the Pacific Northwest. He will continue bipartisan work on the panel to create technology jobs and unleash innovation.
   Walden represents Oregon's Second Congressional District, which comprises 20 counties in Eastern, Southern, and Central Oregon.
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