>Rash of burglaries prompts talks
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   With the recent rash of burglaries at Crooked River Ranch, officials considered ways to combat the crime at the Nov. 19 meeting of the CRR Club and Maintenance Association Board of Directors.
   Paulette Nordin, chairwoman of the Phase Rep Committee, told the board that her committee is working with Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins and three Neighborhood Watch committees to determine the best way to counter the trend, including more publicity about burglary incidents that occur on the Ranch.
   There is a weekly press log of police action distributed by the Sheriff's Office, which lists burglary investigations and appears every week in the Pioneer, but is not otherwise distributed to the public. The Ranch board is considering the matter.
   "We are encouraging every phase rep to start a Neighborhood Watch on their street," she said. "It is a voluntary program, but apparently more burglaries are happening."
   "We are asking the sheriff to give the Ranch a report monthly so the phase reps can keep owners informed where they are happening," Nordin added. "Anyone wanting to start a Neighborhood Watch on their street can call Richard Ladeby at 503-930-7093 for more information."
   Owing to the Thanksgiving holiday and illness in the family of Ranch Administrator Judy Lapora that occupied her early last week, the highlights of the monthly Ranch homeowners association board meeting were a bit late and lacking in detail.
   After dispensing with board housekeeping matters, President Ben Johnson called for the November meeting committee reports. Nordin, who is also secretary of the Architectural Review Committee, reported that the committee had recently seen an increase to a half dozen or so requests per month.
   Treasurer Herb Parker reported Ranch income was tracking better than last year at this time. More details will be discussed at a Budget Audit Committee meeting Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 1 p.m. in the Juniper Room. The meetings are open to the public, which is encouraged to attend.
   The board approved Parker's request for immediate transfer of $129,000 from the operating account to the capital reserve account. The highlights did not specify the reason for such a large transfer and Parker was unavailable to elaborate by deadline Monday.
   CRR-Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Hope Johnson reminded attendees that the annual Ranch Olde-Fashioned Christmas Celebration will be held Saturday, Dec. 1, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a parade at 3 p.m.
   A full schedule of events for the Olde-Fashioned Christmas Celebration is available at
   Several other matters were discussed at the meeting but remain unresolved or put over for consideration and discussion at the work session on Dec. 3, at 10 a.m., in the Juniper Room. They are:
   . Tower Road issues which center on Fire Chief Tim McLaren requesting to install a driveway for safer access to his home in that area. His request has been opposed by several homeowners in the same area;
   . Future Snack Shack management to improve on three successive annual operating losses under board management;
   . Commercial zone wording changes to encourage more small businesses to locate on the Ranch;
   . Sign guidance policy;
   . Enforcement procedures for conditions, covenants and restrictions.
   The final action of the meeting was board approval of a survey to be sent out in the December billings asking for Rancher feedback on how well the board, elected last September, is discharging its responsibility for governing the Ranch. It is the first time anybody contacted can recall a Ranch board making such a request.
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