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   To the Editor,
   Jefferson County has a couple of important assets ... Mountain View Hospital, and Dr. Beamer. Mountain View Hospital, in a move that is unpopular with some, is being removed from our list of assets and given to St. Charles. Dr. Beamer has also been taken from us in a professional capacity.
   Those of our community who have lived here for very long have probably been treated, patched up, cared for or brought into this world by our beloved Dr. Beamer. He and his family have dedicated their lives to our care; his service to our community is appreciated by the many folks who have benefited from that service.
   If St. Charles wants to be embraced by the people of Jefferson County and Madras, their FIRST order of business in this community will be to reinstate Dr. Beamer and clear his record immediately. Otherwise, I don't see their major clientele, the older folks who remember his kindness and compassion -- and all of the families of those older folks, as well -- flocking to the business once the doors are re-opened as St. Charles.
   People in small communities have long memories. We remember when one of us, a beloved member, has been mistreated ... especially by what some would view as a corporate giant, who wants our patronage. This will remain an issue until it is properly addressed, and we will not be placated with a band-aid on this broken arm.
   Sincerely and Best Wishes to the Beamer Family
   Shannon Winegar
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