>New scholarship fund for youth sports

   BendBroadband is donating $7,000 to create a scholarship program for the Madras Aquatics Center.
   The donation will support the youth of Jefferson County through a scholarship program to help local youths participate in sports programs.
   "This generous scholarship program is going to allow low-income families in our community the resource to get their children involved in positive, healthy activities such as swim team and youth basketball programs," said Carolyn Harvey, operations manager at the Madras Aquatics Center.
   The money will turned over to the nonprofit "Kids in the Game," which will work with the Madras Aquatics Center to create the scholarships program.
   "With 85 percent of the population in Jefferson County below the poverty line, plus 29 percent of the population considered obese, the need for programs and opportunities that promote healthy lifestyles is paramount," Harvey said.
   "The MAC is trying very hard to make our community more attractive and healthy for everyone," she added. "Thank you to Bend Broadband and Kids in the Game for supporting our efforts."
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