by: Submitted Photo - “Little” Tera, left, and her Big Sister Sally Miller were recently named Little Sister of the Year and Big Sister of the Year.

   The sixth annual big Brothers, Big Sisters Harvest Potluck and Awards Ceremony was held Nov. 3, at the Jefferson County Fire Department in Madras.
   During the festivities, Sally Miller was awarded as the Big Sister of the Year, while her "Little" Tera received the Little Sister of the Year award.
   Trevor Beebe and his Little, Nick, received the Big Brother of the Year and Little Brother of the Year awards. They were not able to attend the event but were awarded their plaques on Sunday, Nov. 25, after a hunting excursion.
   Miller, who has been matched with Tera since July 2009, has shown Tera how good it feel to "give back" to the community.
   Miller has taken Tera to help in the community kitchen, help out in the community garden and help with the pet parade.
   They have attended activities that BBBS sponsors also, including In His Wakes and floating the Big Eddy on the Deschutes River.
   When speaking with Tera's step mother, Judy, she said that Sally is wonderful and has helped Tera so much. Tera enjoys spending time with Sally and learning new things. Sally said, "Tera is like the granddaughter I don't have."
   Beebe was matched with Nick in October 2008. Since this time, Trevor, who is a volunteer with Jefferson County Fire and works at Warm Springs Fire and Safety, has encouraged Nick to get good grades in school and improve his attendance by rewarding him with rides from school in a fire truck, and taking him scouting for elk and other special activities.
   They have spent countless hours hiking around Jefferson County and the waterfalls in Hood River County.
   Nick thinks of Trevor as a real big brother. Nick's parents report that he has turned his attitude around about school and they "can't say enough good about Trevor".
   Sheriff Jim Adkins received an award for supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters by participating in the Dunk Tank fund raising event during the Culver Crawdad Festival and also the Bowl for Kids Sake fundraiser. He has committed to helping out at next year's events also.
   James Nisley, who was not able to attend, was awarded a certificate for the hours he has spent helping with Bowl for Kids Sake and other activities.
   He took time during spring break to go to different businesses getting sponsorships for the event. James, a Big Brother and past Big of the Year recipient, mentors two Littles.
   For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters, contact Nancy Diaz at 541-325-5603 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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